SuperEnalotto 24/6/2023 Draw in Detail

Drawing n. 75 of the 2023 SuperEnalotto game took place on Saturday 24 June at 8:00 p.m. The numbers drawn were as follows:

, drawing n. 75 /2023
1 21 32 35 59 86 38 6
            Jolly SuperStar
250 codici vincenti dell'estrazione speciale del SuperEnalotto:
0013AC4B00AC-2 0021AE4B000B-1 0045A44B000D-1 0048A84B0012-2 0107B74B006D-2 0110AE4B006F-1 0128A64B0034-1 0186B34B003C-3 0195A74B0285-2 0215B44B0053-1 0239D84B00DC-2 0363BB4B007A-2 0408A74B0016-1 0412AE4B011E-1 0415B44B0004-1 0527A44B0019-2 0530A44B0034-1 0569AE4B0041-1 0583A94B0010-1 0601B84B008E-1 0623CC4B0072-2 0666AD4B0049-2 0676AC4B0122-6 0677CD4B012C-1 0855AC4B00F2-1 1006BC4B0069-2 1007BC4B001D-2 1057A94B008C-4 1064AC4B0081-4 1076AC4B0174-1 1107A64B0085-2 1208A24B00C7-1 1218A34B004F-2 1233AE4B0048-1 1248A54B00C2-4 1304AC4B0028-1 1315A64B0048-1 1328CC4B004B-4 1334A64B0040-2 1339A54B00E2-1 1344B94B0018-2 1370B34B00A9-11 1387A24B00CA-1 1417A34B0032-2 1419AC4B00BC-1 1557B94B00A1-1 1561B94B0029-7 1626A84B000D-2 1643B94B001A-1 1666A64B0010-1 1825AD4B0042-1 1829A64B00FD-3 1873AB4B000B-2 1956A54B013A-1 1956AE4B00DE-2 2004B94B00A8-1 2054AD4B0020-1 2104A34B0056-1 2167A74B0013-3 2181AD4B0055-1 2184B14B0082-4 2220B34B004C-1 2275A64B009D-1 2320AE4B0006-1 2350A84B003C-2 2411A94B00DA-1 2473B14B004B-1 2673AE4B0002-1 2693A94B001C-2 2710CC4B000A-2 2713A34B0016-5 2770A84B0013-1 2787A34B0007-1 2861A74B013C-2 2866AA4B0112-2 2868AE4B00BB-1 2946AB4B0010-1 2979A74B0061-2 3001CB4B0043-76 3026BB4B000D-2 3059A34B0157-1 3071A74B0017-1 3111AA4B000A-2 3169A34B000B-1 3181A24B006F-1 3193AB4B00A5-1 3238AC4B0047-1 3245A34B008B-1 3277AE4B0019-1 3279AC4B000C-2 3282AC4B0058-4 3321A24B005C-1 3334B24B0024-59 3439A14B002E-1 3527AE4B000D-1 3761A74B0054-2 3772B94B0054-3 3864BC4B000E-1 3889A94B0061-3 4005A64B0083-1 4018A44B00F3-2 4038A14B005B-1 4043A74B0048-3 4050A14B003D-2 4052B94B008D-1 4103B84B002D-1 4223A14B0096-2 4223A24B0014-1 4247BC4B0068-5 4341A64B005F-1 4354C44B00C0-2 4392C64B0022-28 4613AA4B0028-4 4721B44B0026-3 4778A94B0023-2 5023A44B004A-62 5030A44B0092-1 5092A64B0007-3 5216B34B00A0-1 5331B84B0031-1 5420BC4B0006-3 5435A24B0073-1 5502B54B0013-1 5554AA4B0019-1 5648A14B000B-2 5648A34B0010-88 5662A84B0014-3 5682AA4B0033-2 5768AE4B001B-1 5820AA4B0004-1 6016A44B0038-2 6113AC4B0036-1 6173A44B0045-2 6173BE4B0008-3 6210AE4B00A4-1 6211A34B006F-1 6482AB4B004B-1 6486A54B0034-1 6498A54B0010-6 6693A14B000F-2 6744AB4B000C-2 6805A74B0020-2 6808BE4B012E-2 6818AB4B0053-1 6834AA4B00B1-2 6880A34B00AC-1 6882B84B0076-1 6925BE4B0045-2 7019A64B00A8-1 7035A94B00A2-5 7064A34B00EB-4 7066B94B0013-5 7537AE4B0187-1 7705AA4B001D-1 7724A54B0019-2 7733A24B0045-2 7777A64B0005-1 7842AC4B0044-2 7922AB4B0021-4 7988AA4B0001-1 8009B94B004A-27 8082C84B0024-11 8167A34B0042-2 8352B34B002D-1 8363AC4B00BD-3 8405AC4B0023-4 8512AA4B006A-1 8628AD4B0054-6 8811A34B0058-14 8977A74B0031-1 8994A24B0004-37 9005C14B14E9-1 9005D14B1742-2 9005E14B08AC-1 9005F14B1519-26 9005I14B0D4A-5 9005J14B06DC-1 9005J14B0DDF-2 9005K14B0E56-1 9005L14B0FD5-2 9005R14B08C6-5 9005U14B15BB-2 9005V14B056B-1 9005X14B1690-5 9005Y14B0ADD-1 9015A34B0093-2 9090E34B0001-10746 9090E34B0001-8919 9090E34B0002-63 9090E34B0082-100 9090E34B00D1-155 9090E34B00E3-29 9090E34B0112-14 9090E34B011E-992 9090E34B0140-104 9090E34B032E-322 9090E34B0342-57 9090E34B0382-8 9090F34B0020-213 9090F34B006A-428 9090F34B0082-20 9090F34B0208-6 9090F34B0227-10688 9090F34B0227-1266 9090F34B022F-794 9090F34B02BF-195 9090F34B030C-93 9090F34B040F-86 9090F34B053F-160 9090F34B059F-18 9090F34B05B2-20 9090F34B06F5-39 9090F34B06FD-46 9090F34B0727-39 9090F34B0773-80 9090F34B07BC-88 9090F34B08C8-55 9090F34B08C9-45 9090F34B097A-201 9090F34B097D-94 9090F34B09AC-14 9090F34B0B23-103 9090F34B0BFF-77 9090F34B0C19-25 9090F34B0C75-33 9090F34B0C87-11 9090F34B0CF0-49 9090F34B0E40-41 9090F34B0F38-21 9090F34B1007-50 9090F34B10D1-33 9090F34B112A-64 9090F34B122B-13 9090F34B1428-50 9121A34B008A-1 9179AC4B00C4-1 9199A34B009C-1 9267AD4B003B-2 9290A64B007E-2 9403AC4B0092-1 9410A74B0028-3 9462AC4B006A-4 9483A74B0006-1 9483C54B0029-2 9506B74B00AD-1 9767A84B003C-2 9789BA4B00A3-1 9808A64B01B2-3 9832A94B002D-2 9930A54B0023-1

More details about the results of this SuperEnalotto draw, such as the prizes breakdown and the number of winners in each category, can be found in the tables below:

WinBox Prize categories

Prize Nominal Value (€) Winners
WinBox 1   25,00 €   2.880
WinBox 2   500,00 €   2
WinBox 2   100,00 €   23
WinBox 2   20,00 €   285
WinBox 2   2,00 €   280.924

Codici Vincenti

Prize Nominal Value (€) Winners
Codici Vincenti   1.000.000 €   250

SuperEnalotto Prize categories

Prize Nominal Value (€) Winners
6 punti   16.988.183,59 €   0
5 punti + Jolly   -   0
5 punti   121.933,73 €   2
4 punti   432,43 €   576
3 punti   30,32 €   24.679
2 punti   5,54 €   418.866

SuperStar Prize categories

Premio Nominal Value (€) Vincitori
5 punti + SuperStar   -   0
4 punti + SuperStar   43.243,00 €   2
3 punti + SuperStar   3.032,00 €   166
2 punti + SuperStar   100,00 €   2.643
1 punti + SuperStar   10,00 €   18.029
0 punti + SuperStar   5,00 €   38.329
Seconda Chance 1   50,00 €   148
Seconda Chance 2   3,00 €   22.320

This time no player guessed all the six winning numbers. This means that the jackpot value will roll over to the next draw.

About the Superenalotto Online Game

The fact that you can buy your SuperEnalotto tickets online means that you no longer have to be afraid of losing the ticket slip that could allow you to win millions. All tickets purchased online, through an authorized reseller, are associated with your personal details, meaning that if you win, no one else will be able to collect the prize. Also in the case you win a prize, you will be notified immediately with a message which you will receive on your e-mail address.

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