How is the SuperEnalotto draw conducted?

Where do SuperEnalotto draws take place?

SuperEnalotto draws are held in Rome, at the historic headquarters of the State Monopolies in Piazza Mastai, under the supervision of a Ministerial Commission composed by:

  • State Monopolies Draws Commission;
  • Sisal Drawing Commission;
  • Sisal Technical Coordinator;
  • One member of the Osservatorio Codacons;
  • Representatives of the Italian Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza).

Drawing Steps

The drawing procedure can be summarized in 7 basic steps:

Technical tests and controls.

Controlli  e test tecnici

At 6.30 p.m. the technical staff of the drawing machines oversees the proper functioning of the drawing machinery and communicates the results of the verification to the supervisory boards.

Opening the video-monitored safe.

Apertura cassaforte videosorvegliata

Inside the safe there are four briefcases, each containing 90 balls. One remains in the safe, as backup, and the other three are drawn. The first case is destined to the draw of the six winning numbers + the “Jolly” number, while the second to the “Superstar” number draw. The third case is stored in the safe as possible backup.

Authorization to carry out the extraction

Autorizzazione ad effettuare  l’estrazione

7.30 p.m. - In a separate venue the Commission that determines the Winning Tickets records all the bets on DVD and keeps them in the safe. Once the operation has been completed, permission is given to proceed with the draw..



8 p.m. - The draw is then carried out using automated urns. During the draw, the numbers required by the game are drawn in succession and are validated by the present Commissions.

Communication of the drawing results

Comunicazione risultati estrazione

The winning combination is communicated with the respective jackpot value. This concludes the part concerning the drawing procedure, now we wait for the publication of the results.

Determination of the winning tickets

Determinazione giocate vincenti

The Commission that Determines Winning Tickets and oversees Ticket Control starts the software that compares the drawn combination with all the played combinations; that way the number and shares of the winning tickets are determined

Communication of shares and number of winners

Comunicazione delle quote e del numero dei vincitori

Winners and respective shares are communicated, and the balls used for the draw are stored in the appropriate briefcases, which are in turn returned to the safe.


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